Ludena Protocol Announce Partnership with One of the Most Exciting Collectible Card Game(CCG)Destiny’s Divide Based on Enjin with Exceedingly Superb Graphics and Gameplay.

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It is another week of exciting news for Ludena Protocol as one of the coolest Collectible Card Games joins forces to tap into Korea’s serious Hardcore gaming market for its Alpha Launch.

Destiny’s Divide may well be the next best thing in the future as it includes all of the superb gameplay and graphics. Furthermore, with all of the features of godly powers and magical beings with Play To Earn blockchain technology, this game is sure to make players go wild.

What is Destiny Divide?

Destiny Divide is a Free PvP Fantasy Card Game that assigns real-world value to in-game cards. Players can choose one of the 11 heroes with no card restrictions and heavily reduced deck RNG. In addition, players can conquer balanced competitive game modes and receive one-of-a-kind unique cards they can trade or sell.

Gameplay is where Destiny’s Divide excels. New and exciting mechanics such as the SharedBoard, Heroic being, and others bring new and unique strategies to the CCG genre.

The game includes four game modes; a casual game mode, a ranked game mode, brawl mode, and hardcore mode. The game focuses on competition, and it heavily rewards ranked play. But players can still play it casually!

Players can even unlock new and unique visuals for cards that only they will possess by reaching the highest ranks. These so-called “unique cards” will be minted as NFT tokens in Enjin’s blockchain Ecosystem, and players can sell them for real-world money. So not only is the game free, but players can earn money by playing! All unique rewards will be cosmetic so that the competitive balance and integrity of the game can stay intact. The better players are, the higher the rarity of unique cards they can obtain.

What makes this game so unique?

The founder and producer behind this game is David Legin. He is actually a successful Entrepreneur and CEO exporting special chemicals globally and has no history of making any games. However, his love for playing TCG games and the countless hours he spent on them during his free time led him to make Destiny’s Divide.

He said, ‘I’ve played many Card games in my life, from when I was young until now, most notably games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. I have played both at a very high level and have always felt something was missing. I think I am in a unique position to possibly change that. With personal funding from my own company that has been successful for over ten years, I’ve decided to follow my passion, which is gaming. More specifically, card games. I’ve added unique features to the game that will make the game exciting and fun.

Why enter the Korean market through Ludena Protocol?

David expressed further, “Since the game has no single-player mode, we really want to make it the best multiplayer experience possible. Therefore, we will focus heavily on the competitive aspect of the game; all our three main game modes: standard ranked, brawl, and hardcore, will all have ranked laddersThe game’s progression will also lean on ranked rewards heavily with tons of competition. The best way of getting the best cards will be by being a high-ranked player and then crafting the cards you want with the ranked rewards.”

“Additionally, we understand that Korea has always been a superpower in gaming, and they will steer global trends on what games are popular. Pairing this with our game’s inherently competitive nature, we chose Ludena Protocol and its GameTalkTalk DApp since they are the rising star in Play To Earn Social BlockChain Technology .”

Click Link below to check out Destiny Divide’s Website and Gameplay.



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