Ludena Protocol Announces Partnership with Metaverse Blockchain Protocol Meta0

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Ludena Protocol, Korea’s biggest GameFi social platform GameTalkTalk, announced on the 2nd of February that it would enter into a strategic partnership with Meta0, a blockchain infrastructure company that connects game developers to different chains and metaverses to increase interoperability. Through this partnership, the two companies plan to expand the blockchain game ecosystem and work closely with each other to implement Ludena World, a metaverse service of the Ludena Protocol based on this partnership.

Meta0 is a company founded by Jason Fung, who served as Global Head of Gaming at TikTok, and is a blockchain infrastructure company that enhances interoperability by connecting different Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains through a blockchain-agnostic Layer 0 protocol. Additionally, the company makes blockchain integrations easy for game developers through white-label, API and SDK-based solutions, allowing game developers to easily build fun Web3 games and focus on creating experiences gamers enjoy, reaching more players than ever without having to re-develop for multiple chains.

Joshua Kim, CEO of Ludena Protocol, said, “Collaboration with Meta0, which has extensive understanding of the game industry and various blockchains, is expected to create great synergies in expanding Ludena’s global game ecosystem and evolving into a metaverse service. ”

Ludena Protocol is a blockchain based gamefi social platform based on the GameTalkTalk DApp, which has accumulated more than 3 million downloads. Along with the release of the self-published blockchain game Kanimal Clash, it is concentrating on expanding the NFT-based global game ecosystem.

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