Ludena Protocol Announces Partnership With Polygon Studios To expand Its Global GameFi Ecosystem

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June 3rd, Korea’s most prominent blockchain GameFi social platform ‘Ludena Protocol’ had signed a strategic partnership with Polygon Studios to expand the blockchain game guild business and its P2E game ecosystem.

Through their recently developed polygon-based Ludena Wallet, Ludena Protocol enables its users to stake, trade NFTs, play P2E games, and manage game items and assets. In addition, game guild members in the Ludena ecosystem can participate in these activities based on their LDN and NFT assets held in the Ludena Wallet and are given a level rank according to their contribution. As a result, users in Ludena Protocol’s ecosystem will be able to share their rewards and turn out a profit.

Ludena Protocol is the first in the Polygon ecosystem to develop and link a mobile-native application with a wallet that allows users to be active within its ecosystem. This innovation enables users to trade their assets with fast transactions and low gas fees, making it a globally competitive GameFi Platform.

Polygon is a multi-chain and Layer 2 scalability solution designed to perform Ethereum-based transactions more efficiently. The advantage is to provide an environment that enables fast and low-cost payment by combining hybrid PoS (Proof of Stake) and plasma-enabled sidechains.

Meanwhile, Joshua Kim, CEO of Ludena Protocol, said, “Polygon’s strong technology and stable ecosystem will contribute greatly to the blockchain game guild-based GameFi ecosystem that the Ludena Protocol intends to expand. Also, this partnership is part of the big picture for Southeast Asian and global gamers to create various On-Chain Data within the ecosystem without worrying about gas bills.”

Ludena Protocol is a blockchain GameFi social platform with over 3 million game users. Recently, it announced that it would strengthen the blockchain game guild business and officially launch its NFT Marketplace to hold a minting sale in June.

Ludena Protocol is partnered with global brands such as Avocado DAO and more than 30 blockchain game companies. In addition, they will release their own self-published P2E PVP RTS game Kanimal Clash sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2022.


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