Ludena Protocol partners with Binance Custody to secure its digital assets

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Ludena Protocol is delighted to announce a partnership with Binance Custody to ensure its digital assets’ security and protection. Ludena Protocol’s governance token $LDN is now supported on Binance Custody, granting institutional clients the ability to store $LDN through their trusted platform.

Binance Custody’s cold storage solution features Multi-Party Computation (MPC), hardware isolation, and a customizable multi-approval scheme to cater to institutional clients. Assets safeguarded in cold storage are also insured against physical loss, damage, theft, or internal collusion. Binance Custody looks forward to supporting the growing GameFi industry with its highest security standards for digital assets.

Joshua Kim, CEO at Ludena, said, “Binance is one of the most well-known and trusted platforms in the world. Using Binance Custody will enhance the security of our funds as well as increase awareness of how Ludena actively protects its community.”

About Binance Custody

Binance Custody is regulated, insured, and seamlessly integrated into the Binance ecosystem. The digital asset custody service uses multi-party computation (MPC) technology to provide bespoke solutions for clients. With no compromise between security and an easy and efficient user experience, the platform features a customizable multi-approval scheme, allowing institutions to manage crypto assets systematically, securely, and in a controlled fashion. The core technology of our custodial service is certified with ISO 27001 & 27701, the world’s best-known quality management standards in information security and privacy protection.

About Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol is the most prominent blockchain game social platform in Korea and APAC with 3 million plus downloads and users. Ludena Protocol, which launched GameTalkTalk as their first DApp, a gaming social platform that connects games and players, adds value to game players’ daily activities such as gameplay, game content production, and live streaming. GameTalkTalk is a blockchain-game integrated ecosystem, and through gamification, LDN tokens are provided as rewards. The GameTalkTalk platform offers a feature where players can ‘Pin’ a game of interest and enter a space where they can communicate with other players globally.

Ludena Protocol is also the first in Korea to Launch a Game Guild that allows scholars to post-game content, do live streams, and earn rewards for gaming. They are partnered with 50 blockchain games across the globe and have partnerships with over 200 game companies in Korea alone. Ludena Protocol is releasing its first P2E PVP real-time strategy game called Kanimal Clash in September which will be integrated with its GameTalkTalk platform and Ludena Guild.

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