Ludena Protocol raises $1.9 Million to Create a Blockchain-Based, Play to Earn Ecosystem to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

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We are excited to announce that we have raised 1.9 million USD in our strategic round. The strategic round was led by HG Ventures and was backed by leading venture capital groups within the blockchain industry IOST, Pragma Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, TPX Ventures, and Bold Ventures. These six venture capitals have come together to fund the first Play-to-Earn (P2E) Social Blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

Ludena Protocol- South Korea’s largest play to earn social gaming platform

Ludena Protocol is South Korea’s largest Play-to-Earn social gaming platform with over 3 million users. Ludena’s decentralized app (DApp), GameTalkTalk is a social platform in which gamers can come together to play games, earn rewards, Livestream, and create group forums in which gamers can create communities amongst themselves.

Ludena Protocol will use their existing DApp, GameTalkTalk as the base to the play-to-earn ecosystem that is being developed. This platform currently works as a social gaming platform service. Our platform has a unique pin feature in which players are able to connect to any game on the planet. Similarly, we want to continue to connect players to new opportunities, such as the ability to earn while they play games. Ludena Protocol now aims to create a play-to-earn ecosystem using this platform in which a new play-to-earn game and NFT marketplace will be released. Ludena’s own token, LDN will be used for staking and through the NFT marketplace, creating a perfect play-to-earn global gaming ecosystem. The three million users of GameTalkTalk will have access to Ludena Protocol’s new P2E ecosystem.

Our team understands the issues that the traditional game market has regarding ownership of items for gamers. Including NFTs and blockchain-based technology within the P2E games allows gamers to have full ownership of the in-game items. It also gives them the ability to trade items easily within the NFT marketplace. Our social gaming platform connects our three million users to such P2E games from our partners. We aim to continue to onboard this platform with new P2E games as well as our own P2E game that facilitates the transaction of NFT assets. As we continue to build our social gaming platform, we hope to connect our users and bring new gamers to our ecosystem that allows players to make profits playing games. As blockchain games are still a fairly new concept in South Korea, Ludena Protocol will be the first to bring this innovative method of gaming to South Korean gamers within this new ecosystem, quickly growing towards a globally connected audience.

Investments for Ludena Protocol’s P2E social gaming platform was led by HG Ventures, the leading Blockchain, Defi, and NFT based investment company in South Korea. HG Ventures’ co-founder Simon Jeong expressed that “NFT growth is remarkable, and there are many famous blockchain games such as Axis Infinity and Sandbox overseas. Although there are many blockchain startups that are developing in Korea, there is no company like Ludena that has already prepared and scheduled to launch. That is why we chose to invest in Ludena.”

Jeong believes that Ludena Protocol has the potential to continue to unite users globally through their existing gaming platform. The addition of their upcoming P2E game will further enhance the capabilities of the existing metaverse with the inclusion of a strong token economy and an NFT marketplace. He also believes that Ludena’s platform will gather an international audience, which will help contribute to his overseas expansion and ecosystem development of top domestic blockchain projects.

Unlike other play-to-earn games, Ludena Protocol will not only provide a game but a community and will connect the game with the community. Ludena is bringing the play-to-earn and blockchain game format to their community to further introduce and revolutionize the way that gamers play games.

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