Ludena Protocol Releases New Multiplayer Rewards-Based Game, Talk!Tris!

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This year has been incomparable for the growth of the gaming industry, as more and more people around the globe look to their consoles as the ultimate form of entertainment. As global trends suggest, gaming’s future is truly mobile, no matter how fierce 2020’s console wars may have seemed. We have been revving up to become a prominent mobile blockchain gaming platform, focusing on the growingly popular hyper casual game genre.

Our upcoming DApp version of GameTalkTalk, which is a gamified social platform, is already home to several popular rewards-based game titles. Until now, our users have enjoyed a selection of exciting, yet simple games with the added bonus of earning digital assets as they win!

GameTalkTalk is currently an app with over 3 million passion gamers. Its in-house games offer various game modes, each with unique prizes and real time rankings. Any user who ranks within the top 50 leaderboards of any of their games, wins a weekly bonus prize, along with bragging rights, of course.

We have recently announced the release date of our upcoming title, Talk!Tris! This hyper casual, P2P game is a take on the wildly popular and addictive 2,048 puzzle game. Players must slide blocks to corresponding numerical values until two “1,024” tiles combine to make 2,048, which causes the block to disappear, making more space on the board. The game ends when there are no other moves, a friend ends the game or all blocks have disappeared!

Previously, most 2,048-style versions have been single player, but our vision is to take every opportunity to bring gamers together, and with that motivation in mind, Talk!Tris! offers users several multiplayer game modes. You can choose to play against the Game Master, against yourself or with up to 4 of your friends! Regardless of which mode you choose, after winning 5 games, you will be rewarded with digital assets, essentially you are getting paid to play video games.

The Beta version of Talk!Tris! will be released on the GameTalkTalk platform on December 24th, 2020, just in time for Christmas! Since this version will be made available on the app version of GameTalkTalk, there are still many exciting features that are yet to come.

Upon the transition from the GameTalkTalk app to its DApp version, the Talk!Tris! game, along with the other titles on the platform, will allow for playable game character customization with our native NFTs. That means, you will be able to personalize the game character of your choice with various decorations, which will eventually even be designed by you yourself through a platform NFT maker, for even further personalization options.

Another exciting feature, that will change the current GameTalkTalk environment, is the introduction of our P2P gaming platform, which will match you to opponents in real-time across the entire game catalogue. You can select an opponent from the country and gender of your choice and even chat during matches. A historical list of previous opponents will be made available to you and will give you the chance to make friends from around the world. With the LDN winnings you earn, you guys will have the option to buy your friends special virtual gifts and even rare in-game items.

We are looking forward to further announcements detailing the progress of these expansion plans in the near future!

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