Ludena Protocol and CoinFantasy Announces Partnership. Win MEGA rewards by predicting the outcomes of your favorite coins with CoinFantasy!!

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Do you have Coins and Tokens that are stuck in your wallet without any apparent use? Do you like to bet with your friends which Coin or Token will be successful? Well, guess what you can do that through Coin Fantasy and win MEGA rewards!

This week Ludena Protocol’s Play To Earn Platform and Coin Fantasy announced a partnership so that millions of its users can bet that their coins are more popular instead of just arguing about it!

What is Coin Fantasy?

In Coin Fantasy, users can join games to predict the best performing set of cryptocurrency tokens. Those who Selected the best-set wins the contest and earn big Big BIG!

MINT NFTs AS YOU PLAY (Sell your NFTs via their Launchpad)

At the best price, consistent performers, including Organisers & Participants, can mint NFTs and sell via their Launchpad to willing sponsors.


Smart-contract-based Settlements for transparent, instant & trustless settlement and no delay in disbursement of funds. CoinFantasy does not hold the funds of any participant.

RUNNING LOW ON FUNDS ? (Dip into borrowing pool for access to funds)

Users can tap into CoinFantasy’s Smart Credit System to draw down immediate credit lines at extremely low-interest rates.

Check out the video in the link below.


Why is CoinFantasy compelling?

CoinFantasy is the World’s first decentralized fantasy gaming platform for financial markets using NFTs. CoinFantasy stands at the conjunction of NFT, Crypto & Fantasy-gaming.

Share your winnings

Publish your Game progress and share your winnings to your followers on social media and become a sensation

Generate extra cash

With CoinFantasy, you can have money coming in even as you pursue your primary job. Now you can kick back a little with extra security.

Own unique digital assets

Mint NFTs as rewards as you keep playing CoinFantasy. Become a collector and use NFT’s when you need some extra cash for the contest.

Later this year, Ludena Protocol and Coin Fantasy will do an event where users can win big Rewards through Coin Fantasy for free!!!

For Information, Check out Coin Fantasy’s website below.




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