Ludena Protocol and Duelist King Announce Partnership. It’s time to Democratize NFT TCG Games!

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This week Ludena Protocol announced a Partnership with Duelist King so that millions of gamers in Korea and around the world can taste this Amazing TCG Game!

On the 27th of September, both companies with the Play To Earn system will do an event where thousands of users can receive free NFT drops and Token Drops for participating. This partnership event is going to be one of a kind as the Synergies are powerful and the willingness to reward users for playing this game is immense!

Duelist is special, very special because it’s got a deep-rooted story from villains to Heroes. Each card has a story of its own with extraordinary powers that everyone would die to have. The game has been developed by famous storytellers and game designers who in the past had years of experience in making the best games. Anyone who plays this game will be absorbed in the intense action-packed story.

[Duelist The Story]

A Horrible Malediction that has never been bestowed before!

Tormented by the ever-increasing carnage and death toll, Raz, the mighty duelist king of Fok decides to stop the spate of killings lest the entire planet is wiped out by war.

A malediction so powerful and horrible that never been bestowed before” Battles among human races have dragged the universe down a spiral of outrage and vengeance, all striving for the holy royal throne. The Duelist King had to convene the last resort putting all races on earth under a formidable malediction and sealing their power in the Holy Chest to save the earth. Little John an ordinary mortal pirate was totally ignorant of such world-tumbling history and accidentally discovered the Duelist King map that leads to the Holy Chest. Treasures and fortunes abound on his journey and so do incantation and menace.

And the Quest Begins…..with those who dare to embark on this treacherous journey!

Special Features

Duelist King (DK) is a democratized card game whereby all decisions made on the card issuance, distribution, and proceeds allocation are governed by decentralized mechanics on blockchain for proven fairness, transparency, and best interests for the community. DK was powered by the DKDAO platform, a meta-ecosystem for game distribution and digital assets issuance. Thanks to the distinct permissionless, verifiable, and community-driven power of blockchain democratization and decentralization, DK aims to transform the way people buy, collect, play, trade, and earn in card games.

The distributor tends to show little move to Cap the numbers of issued cards which leads to massive manipulation of card price Guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of the cards especially the legendary decks Empower the community to capture feedbacks and initiatives from the fans and contribute creative assets to the gaming ecosystem.

For More information about the game please check out the website below!


Ludena Protocol, through its P2E gamified social platform GameTalkTalk, adds value to the daily activities of the users by providing rewards for playing P2E games, live streaming, and more. Ludena Protocol partners with Blockchain games to help them get fame in the blockchain game industry. Additionally, Ludena Protocol is the first platform in the world that caters to promoting Play-to-Earn mechanisms.

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