Ludena Protocol Partners with 15 Global Blockchain Games leading the way in Korea with Play To Earn Mechanism.

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Ludena Protocol, a Social BlockChain Game Company with a P2E platform, partnered with 15 Blockchain Companies in a matter of months. Those companies include Faraland, Min-mins, Duelist King, Legend of Fantasy Wars, PlayDapp, Destiny Divide, Six Dragons, The sandbox, Grasshopper Farm, Dinox, CoinFantasy, Gamyfi, Bunicorn, and Monsta Infinity.

Ludena Protocol’s GameTalkTalk DApp, a Full-blown Social Network with Play to Earn feature, has provided services for Big names such as Nexon, NCSOFT, and others with user acquisition in Korea. But recently, it has shifted its focus to Blockchain Game companies after integrating its Blockchain Technology.

Due to this integration, with its Gamified Social Platform GameTalkTalk DApp, users can Play To Earn and create virtually any content related to Blockchain Games, which is then shared in GameTalkTalk’s three million-plus users. For instance, a recent event with the Min-Mins (Enjin powered) game has allowed thousands of Koreans to create Fun Video Clips of them playing the game and create Artworks that have gone viral by YouTubers and Influencers in Korea.

Furthermore, those who create the best content have the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes, NFT drops, and mint their creation to be sold in Enjin’s Marketplace. Thusmaking it the First Blockchain Company in the world to start “Play to Earn Mechanism in connection with content creation for users.” Additionally, it tested its first successful scholarship program with Axie Infinity, where its users earned more than 100 dollars a day.

As of now, there are 15 events already scheduled and more on the way leading the P2E platform in Korea. These events are bringing more hype to the Korean Community and Global BlockChain Communities alike. With Group Chatting and Live-streaming feature in its GameTalkTalk DApp, it’s just a matter of time for Ludena Protocol to expand to other markets with new user acquisition in Asia, America, and Europe.

Ludena Protocol has over 3 million users, and it has been a target for Blockchain Game companies who have been searching for new users in the Lucrative market of Korea. According to Statista, Koreans spent a whopping 17.01 Trillion won (Approx 14.5 billion USD) in games just in 2020, making it one of the world’s largest spenders.

Furthermore, Korea’s NFT market has just started to open up, and famous artists and celebrities are slowly adapting to this niche market curiously. Some of them are eyeing Ludena Protocol as their source due to its large number of users. As a result, Ludena Protocol is currently in talks with Celebrity Agencies to have a grand collaboration opening of their own NFT marketplace in the 4th quarter of this year. It will help Ludena Protocol’s Blockchain Game Partners have a more extensive reach in promoting their game NFTs and its own.

Joshua, the CEO of Ludena Protocol, expressed, “I have spent nine years developing this platform and patented so many technologies into this, and now its time to make proper use of it with the Blockchain Community around the world, not just Korea. Through cooperation with 15 blockchain game companies, we have grown into a global competitive Play to Earn game social platform.”

He also said he expects the ecosystem to expand through its own P2E game currently under development.

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