Ludena Protocol Announces Partnership with Bunicorn. Rabbit in the hole!

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Guess what every one it’s time to get sucked into the rabbit hole as a new partnership with Ludena Protocol and Bunicorn is formed this week. Thanks to this breakthrough, cute rabbits will be jumping about in the palms of every Korean that creates will make Easter Money, not chocolate eggs.

So what is this partnership about? Very simple, Ludena has more than 3million members, and Bunicorn is an amazing game with cute bunnies. A perfect cohesion, and girls love bunnies. As a result, at the end of this year, Ludena and Bunicorn will do an event where men and women alike (not just catered to men) can earn thousands of dollars of Prizes with Cute Rabbits NFTs, Bur Tokens, and Ludena Tokens.

What is Bunicorn?

Bunicorn Card Game is the 1st game in the Bunicorn Metaverse. It is a Play to Earn NFT RPG inspired by Pokémon that distributes BUNI & BUR through gameplay and gives value to the players’ NFT by increasing its usage through future features.

However, Bunicorn is not just about cute rabbits jumping about to be raised as pets but also an intense DEFI Game platform that elevates the DEFI and blockchain gaming experience to the next level with the BUR token. It is similar to the SLP of Axie Infinity and will be used across all the games in the Bunicorn Universe. BUR holders also receive favorable staking rewards similar to the BUNI token.

What are the utilities of BUR?

  • BUR for fusion: To increase the trainer’s level through major checkpoints, users need to do a fusion by merging 2 trainers at the same level. Fusion will cost BUR. These BUR will be burnt to reduce the supply.

Entry price

Each user needs to buy at least one trainer and one Bunicorn to get started with the game. We will have a lower entry price than Axie Infinity, and the actual price can dynamically change based on the market’s condition.

How users earn money:

  • Earning BUR after each battle’s victory.

Ludena Protocol, through its P2E gamified social platform GameTalkTalk, adds value to the users’ daily activities by providing rewards for playing P2E games, live streaming, and more. Furthermore, Ludena Protocol partners with Blockchain games to help them get fame in the blockchain game industry. Additionally, Ludena Protocol is the first platform in the world that caters to promoting Play-to-Earn mechanisms.

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