Ludena Protocol Announces Partnership with Xpansion. Time to Conquer the Universe with Koreans?

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Another major partnership with one of a kind game. A unique game that gamers love to play. Conquering other planets and taking over the resources in hopes of dominating the Universe. Will Koreans dominate the Xpansion space, or will the global community challenge Ludena Protocol’s 3 million users and push them into the corner of the never-ending Universe?

Let us introduce Xpansion where living in the harsh realities of Earth has made humans look for other settlements in space. But will they look to save humanity, or Greed takes over, and once again, the future of humans lies in peril?

We won’t know for sure, but Ludena Protocol and Xpansion will settle the score by collaborating to give users in Korea and the Global Community a head start with thousands of dollars of Prizes and NFT Drops to occupy the planets. So stay tuned, everyone, for updates!

What is Xpansion

Xpansion is a decentralized 4x strategy game set in the near future. Faced with a dying world, the remnants of Earth’s population have launched expedition waves to settle the habitable planets surrounding nearby stars.

Virtual worlds powered by Non-Fungible Tokens

Xpansion is a decentralized sandbox environment powered entirely by NFTs, fungible on-chain commodities, and an on-chain economic resource model.

Land asset management and Land development

Build your economics base, expand your political influence, forge alliances, and accumulate resources.

Be one of the first to settle Kepler 22b. Cement Kepler 22b as humanity’s new cradle before the landings on Proxima Centauri and Barnard’s Star.

Accumulate the enormous resources needed to launch new arks to settle new worlds.

Maybe humanity never changed after all.

Raid the land of your rivals for resources, defend your colonies and establish a balance of power with your neighbors.

Xpansion will grow into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

An integrated on-chain open economy, driven by on-chain decentralized player governance.

A game world entirely run by its players, open to interface and integrate with other economies.

For more information about the game check out their website


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